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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"I always do Pay! :)"

As Nicole and I were walking back to the house, Caitlin said she wanted to tan a little while longer.

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"Oooooh my gooood. Where did you fucking learn that. That feels so good" I managed to say between moans "Just from watching porn baby" Nicole bobbed up and down on my dick and I already felt Masturbattion I was going to explode.

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but your housing is a form of socialism. No way to get around that.


You're complaining about the programs that are keeping you from being homeless? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!


Clinton and Andrew Johnson. But no one deserves Impeachment more than Trump.


There is a very easy solution that will never be implemented.


Where did the things ?that are needed? come from?


As a Deist, I kinda sorta agree. However, for me "faith" means "I can't tell either way, it's 50/50, so I am going to lean in a direction that I happen to prefer".


The linked articles provided in the comments by Dan and me include some of the comments.


It's so nice of him to pay for the taxi..but it's gonna be more nice if he let the woman in...this is the the sad part of today's..if we look at it closely it all comes with the people's different perspective in life that is usually influence by religion...but they never tried see humanity that we are all part of this world..


Thank you... you know how much Chinese food I had to eat over the years and how many fortune cookies that took? I did it for all of us. I love this world man ??????????????????

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