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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"After all that my second question remains unanswered."

My name is Kevin and this is the story of my sez before college. It was the summer after I graduated high school and I was glad to have the summer to relax before I started college.

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"You are so sexy baby" I said to her as we made out, feeling each other on the bed. "Hey Nicole. Are you okay up there.

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I think the RCC is gonna have a problem as it's people start withholding donations from the collection plate because of all the sh1t that's went on. I imagine a lot of people will just stop going altogether, So, it'll take a big hit financially, if it hasn't already,


Perhaps for a little while, but she can be pretty mean.


I cheated. I need a cheat dinner .


Matthew 5:17-20 would like a word with you on THAT claim....


Why are there so many illegal immigrants coming from Mexico and Latin American?


Hey, isn't it time to discuss white supremacist gang signs all over BN?


What about the other point I brought up?


Except they weren't, as they knew God's law regarding such things and would have been put to death if that were the case.


You could volunteer at a local animal shelter. They always need helpers and you just might meet a new furry friend. Pets are the reason I'm never bored or lonely.

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