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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"No I m not!!"

She came hard as she squirted on my face, followed by Nicole's body shaking and her gasping for air.

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I resorted to video games as the time quickly passed and Nicole texted me to head over. I told my parents I was heading over to a buddie's Force and might be spending the night there.

"Don't drink and drive" is all my parents said as I headed out Forcer door in quite the hurry. When I got to Nicole's house in about 10 minutes I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

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"The fact of the matter is child abusers and pedophiles are in every walk of life everywhere." - this is the point that he made. You are to busy trying to defend your religion that you missed his point.


I did not twist his words. He has repeatedly acknowledged that genetics give the appearance of design. He has been very clear on that.


We are #1 in expense and #27 in quality of care.


Didn't this sucker just say THIS MORNING he wasn't seeking any more treatment as though he had more time to live????


Spencer rocks. I actually own the full Sherlock collection, to break me from it a friend sent me The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul.


Lol, Im not sure what I mean. I guess with you referring to this shi...ny world, I felt I needed to say how happy I am to be a part of it.


You just proved my point by the way. Its not a choice if its a matter of one person's death over the other. That's oppression. That's Sophie's choice.


Your repeated posts on this thread are all the proof anyone needs of your desperate need to denigrate nonbinary people for attention.

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