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Sunday, May 27, 2018

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"He's the president. I pay his salary and for his golf trips. I can say whatever I damn well please."

My name is Kevin and this is the story of my summer before college.

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"Hey Kev ;) I'm working this whole week, sadly. How about you come over when I get done with work Friday night around 8. Maybe we could finish what we started.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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So you don't know?


Obviously God didn't feel that information needed to be included in the writings.


I see two camps of atheists. One is a person who simply doesn't believe in a non-material reality. The other I call the "declared atheist". The latter seems to be a disgruntled group who seek to instigate a commotion. "Misery loves company" is their parenthetical creed. Interestingly, they are not particularly smart in general. That is something of a scandal because their contentious, and usually insulting, attitude is predicated on their unquestioned assumption that they are necessarily more intelligent that those who subscribe to a non-material reality.


And you can't name one faith-based thing about me. And by the way, care to describe what makes you an expert on all humans?


Yes anything :)


No, they want the other monument taken down. They are just doing it in the most obnoxious way possible. They know they are atheists and don't believe in Baphomet. They also know that there are people who actually believe in the Ten Commandments. So they are taking something that is not actually sacred to them and using it to take down something that is sacred to others. That isn't the work of rational people trying to work for a secularized public square. That is the work of trolls. FWIW, I think the Decalogue should come down. Trolling is not required since there is ample jurisprudence to support the case. They are trolling because they want to troll, not affect change, and that I can't stand.


*THAT* is a reasoned response... and I like it. :) Thank you for that and I appreciate it.


If you subtract certain areas (Chicaco, Detroit, etc) and gang violence the USA drops significantly in firearm deaths. We mostly have a problem in some particular areas with particular cultural demographic. Besides, how many Americans would you be willing to kill to attempt to take the weapons away?


How about the fact that it was televised for all to witness?

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