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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"LOL. These days, you almost can't afford a baby unless you have a career...or are willing to live in the ghetto and get WIC and other welfare."

Caitlin was wearing a one-piece bathing suit and Nicole had on a bikini that showed a lot of skin. She was not wearing a thong bikini but her bottoms seemed to ride up, giving a great view of her ass.

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I resorted to video games as the time quickly passed and Nicole texted me to head over. I told my parents I was heading over to a buddie's house and might be spending the night there. "Don't drink and drive" is all my parents said as I headed out the door in quite the hurry.

When I got to Nicole's house in about 10 minutes I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. There didn't seem to be anyone home as Nicole's gray Toyota was the only car in the driveway. Mxsturbate last Saturday was immediately topped as the best day of my life when Nicole answered the door wearing matching hot pink tels and panties, presumably from Victoria's Secret.

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He said resign. He never should have run for this last term


I?m all ears...cause I don?t know ?????>??????>??????>? my past relationships I just woke up one day and was like...hey...I think you missed your Uber.


Everybody is a liar except Trump, the proven pathological liar. I get it. How desperately pathetic.


He probably digs holes under his bridge.


this Sorenson guy was pretty wordy, ehh?

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