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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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"You come to know Him through the Word that was written by man from thousands of years ago?"

"Ugh, Kevin.

Again, I tried holding out as long as possible without cumming down her throat. I was able to last a little longer as I released the biggest load ever down her throat. My cock did not die down especially after Nicole swallowed every drop of my seed. We were not done as I flipped Nicole onto her back ten prepared to enter her love tunnel with my throbbing cock.

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Who has more to fear: Humans of sharks...


This is me taking no more notice of you.


So, you are the arbiter of truth and what can be spoken or believed?


Read the scriptures, for it is obvious that you haven?t.


That's as may be.


because I was addressing the fact that if you don't make a lot of money and qualify for assistance it's likely you have expenses you can't meet.


In the Bible, David wrote about DNA, and Daniel wrote that knowledge would increase in the last days. They had no idea what they were writing about as the Holy Spirit used them as ink pens. The Lord Jesus Christ created everything visible and invisible including science(Colossians 1:16,17) and in Him is hid ALL knowledge and wisdom(Colossians 2:3).


You are kinda wildin out for a family woman. I can see where he might be worried for his daughter.

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