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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"I think a thank you is in order."

The day when Nicole came over was great.

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That shows that we don?t have that anymore, the verses that come after are what we do today. Those also doesn?t show that James and Peter sent people to refute what Paul taught. As far as what Paul is saying about the pillars, I agree.


This was specifically discussing where do you draw the line of religious beliefs.


hahaha No confirmation bias there, right? Baloney.


I hear tell it will shock the world to see to what extreme depravity a man can can sink to.


It's ok, I just like having you around.


McCain hasn?t attended a vote in months, and won?t in the future.


So let me get this straight. It's your contention that EVERY candidate in modern history has violated campaign finance laws.


Just attack he who makes me angry.


You talk like an Illegal Commie!


CNN has not pushed for impeachment. The closet they have come is speculating that when the evidence becomes public, it MAY be sufficient to justify impeachment.

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