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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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"?He?s hot he?s sexy and he?s dead?"

Fuck. Fuck.

I told my parents I was heading over to a buddie's house and might be ypur the night there. "Don't drink and drive" is all my parents said as I headed out the door in quite the hurry.

When I got to Nicole's house in about 10 minutes I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

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Boom! I knew that one! LOLOL!!!


Using religious explanations (especially as an atheist as you apparently don't believe them) to comfort someone about death is lying. You said that religion is superior to atheism in this situation and that certainly implies that lying is the recommended course of action. How is that not advocating the lie?


Nope. I have never seen you ban anyone before. Just for fun I am saying the opposite to annoy you. I must thank you for not banning me or warning anywhere till now because I think I very crazy.


It's funny how many conservatives know that, yet think that the convictions spinning around the Trump administration aren't for "real" crimes. Merely asking Trump to testify under oath about these public matters (not his personal life) would somehow be a "perjury trap" and illegitimate.


77k votes shaved off the vote totals in three states


You don't like what I've had to say because it hits home. Well, given you say you "do not consort" with inferior beings like myself, my "earthy" response is that you go and sodomize your arrogant, pretentious unearthly self and get some spiritual enjoyment from it.


If you had not been taught to believe you too would be an atheist.


What did you say. All of the great apes separated from one into each species?

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