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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"And how do you explain the dewclaw of the dog? And goosebumps when you get cold. And the flounder's eye migration. Humpback whales have been found with vestigial legs that are 4 feel long! Yowza! Even some dolphins have been found to have vestigial stumps. And let's not talk about all of the different times echolocation has been exploited."

I also had a younger brother in middle school.

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OMG!!!! 19 out of 130,000,000 votes!!! Our elections are being stolen!!!... Oh wait, no they aren't.


How would you know?


How is a multicolor cake with a single name on it a problem, again?


What about the Arizona case?


I?m doing fantastic, Miss. thank you for you asking. How are you? Is the night/day going swell? ??


As I said, do discuss it with scientists who claim it is valid. This OP is about religion.


The question goes back far beyond the creation of life. Where did Matter come from? How can time have no beginning? I see no case for spontaneous creation. It requires infinite more faith to believe than Genesis. .


It's in Christchurch Bro


Actually he was quite clear. It's the ignorant who can't see that.


Immigrants are criminals?

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