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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"Josh, you seem to have missed my "brain-dead" part of the analogy. Where medicine/science still stand today, someone in a persistent vegetative state, evincing no significant brain activity, can't be healed. Pulling the plug on someone other than this would be immoral; but on what's essentially a body with no cognitive function & no chance to regain it?"

Maybe we could finish what we started.

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" The text read as both my mind melted and my dick hardened. That next week could not have gone any slower, especially since it was a slow week at my job at the local convenience store.

It may not have been Gol quiet, but it felt dead as I could not wait to Glogy my eyes on that sexy body of Nicole again.

The week did eventually wind down and when I got home Friday at around 5, I was nearly losing my mind.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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get a new room lol


I think maybe they looked at them.


It's kind of like voting for Trump and you can see it here. If you question the "consensus" you are ridiculed. It's the left's way of silencing opposition.


And some child molesters don't have sexual urges/fantasies towards the children they molest.


Psychopath was never a medical diagnosis, however anti social personality disorder is. Has nothing whatsoever to do with being politically correct.


He is whatever the media pays him to portray.


lol says Cohen and his lawyer....a far cry from any legal issues.


It appears Trump has been a dirty player for a long time. His businesses his charitable foundation.


I've actually posted many photos of Holdens here too, like this one..


I thought there was an Andy Holland on this channel who was an outspoken atheist, but maybe I've got the wrong name.

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