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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"Businesses are free to decline services that do not fall under Public Accommodation protection. It is called freedom."

"Thanks a lot Kev, I was trying to fall asleep" Nicole said. "No problem.

Again, why are you asking?" Without a response, Nicole swung open the door quickly and pulled me into Caitlin's room. She was still dressed in her yirl, and I had no idea what she could possibly need. Nicole pushed me on the bed and jumped onto my body.

"I've been wanting to do this for 2 years" Nicole said seductively She planted a wet kiss on my lips and I did not fight back. We made out as she grinded her body over my chest. I felt her boobs and nipples rub hard on my body.

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he's a sleep now


Got da boobies part down right ??????


Yeah, I'm checking that out now! But as per usual for me, I cannot see any of the uploaded pictures... =/


Well...I guess I?m asking you ????????????


It took 3 years to convict Nixon's campaign manager, I doubt it will take as long to determine Donald's path.


Have you lied before. Or stolen something. I suspect at the very least you're a list and a thief


Agree, was a top seller in it's day, tho.


I challenge you to prove even one word of that nonsense.


So far the trade deal is lousy for American consumers and great for some Mexican workers. The Mexican workers will get $16/hr for more of their workers and the US consumers will pay for it.

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