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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"In the Protestant Bible the OT has 39 books, the N/T has 27, so, 66 in the whole corpus."

Nicole laid on her back with her feet next to her head as I prepared to enter her pussy.

Why?" "Are your parents or brother here?" "No, they're at my brother's baseball game. Again, why are you asking?" Without a response, Nicole swung open the door quickly and pulled me into Caitlin's room. She was still dressed in her bikini, and I had no idea what she could possibly need.

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yes. I give credit for that. But lets be realistic too... Obama was starting at zero. Anyone would improve the economy when starting at zero...


Not just fact-checking sites, the entire idea of the existence of facts are evil in the eyes of conservatives. Remember, the truth isn't the truth.


I don't know about y'all but I'm hittin' the hay.


I think for some...they may deep down doubt the beliefs so constant reinforcement is necessary. That may be why the hardcore churches often have services and events almost every day of the week.


some religions are dogmatic..some are not.


No, it's perfectly fine with me. Go for it.


"It is based upon what they say they want to do and what they actually do."


You never heard of Enron or Arthur Andersen? Good. Your imminent gobsmacking will be all the funnier.


Hey buggar the reddies lol.??????


I like the bird in your avatar.

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