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Friday, August 3, 2018

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"it has to do with what the federal government has set as the income level that qualifies one to receive benefits. Amazon didn't have anything to do with that."

"I've been wanting to do this for 2 years" Nicole said seductively She planted a wet kiss on my lips and I did not fight back.

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We were not done as I flipped Nicole onto her back and prepared to enter her love tunnel with my throbbing cock. "Oh shit. I forgot rBitney fucking.

" "Don't worry Kev, I'm on the pill. Now fuck me" I was extremely relieved as I set up Nicole for our intense love-making. Since she was a dancer, Nicole was very flexible and I took advantage of that.

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These have been in the earth for the last 2000 years. For many shall come in my name, saying i am Christ and shall deceive many. Which christian faction does not say that HE is Christ?


R and Julie from Warm Bodies are a good couple


Asian hornets, not withstanding..... =/


I have yet to see logic from you.


Last I checked, there are many other people who are anti-mmigration, alt right conservatives.


McCain was not a perfect man. It's tempting to idolize him for his strong stance against Trump and the far right. But it's also true that he himself helped to perpetrate his fair share of evil. But if there's one person who I would believe genuinely did it because he thought it was right, rather than for political convenience or personal gain, it would be John McCain. And for that he has my respect. Rest in peace.


not answering question.

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