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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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"I think some rudimentary integrity and dignity should also be considered as important stuff."

As Nicole and I were walking back to the house, Caitlin said she wanted to tan a little while longer. Better for me, I thought, as I could look at Nicole without being annoyed by Caitlin.

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This immediately caused Caitlin to yell at me and Nicole to jump up a little annoyed. "Thanks a lot Kev, I was trying to fall asleep" Nicole said.

"No problem. We were cace to head in soon anyway and your butt jiggled nicely" I responded with a wink. "Ugh, Kevin. Stop being so gross to my friends" Caitlin shouted back.

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No dont ,I'm sure I will be OK carry on ......


Actually, we don't know that, we've only traced it to a singularity so far. A singularity could be, or might not be, the "beginning". In any event, any discussion of anything beyond that point is speculation, not logic and reason.


Nobody can read that. Or was that the point?


And never get caught ?


He studied zoology at Balliol College, Oxford, graduating in 1962. That's it.


It all boils down to your current view that humans should be defined by body and not of mind. How dare you reduce human complexity to which bits they do or do not have.


He seemed like he was trapped within his writings. Lots of angst. I was just making a funny. The work is worthy of a read for sure. Thanks for sharing.????????????


I'm far beyond looking for Him in organized religion. Bringing an organization into matters such as this only paves the way for greed and lust to take hold.


This discussion is going nowhere. I can't talk to people with low IQs. Bye.

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