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Monday, April 30, 2018

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"Please Stoz, please cite one instance of Trump's disregard for the rule of law. Or better yet, what is his biggest lie..."

"Now how would you like to the return the favor baby" I asked Nicole as I climbed onto the bed. My dick felt like it was going to fall off when Nicole pulled down my shorts, released my cock, and licked her lips at the sight of it.

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"Oh shit. I forgot a fucking. " "Don't worry Kev, I'm on the pill. Now fuck me" I was extremely relieved as I set up Nicole for our intense love-making.

Since she was a dancer, Nicole was very flexible and I took advantage of that.

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Shockingly dogma is not brought up that much in Sunday Mass :).


You participate in the annual Holy Ritual of Pissing on Steve Ditko's Grave :)


That is ignorant :)


It's still not employment.

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