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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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"Grew up poor. But I had the best childhood. I was always outside. My mom didn?t have food for me to eat but I didn?t care because I was always out. Only at home for nap time or bed time."

"Oh my god. I have never squirted before.

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That feels so good" I managed to say between moans "Just from watching porn baby" Nicole bobbed up and down on my dick and I already felt like I was going to explode. Before I orgasmed I stopped Nicole and she got on the bed and we got into the 69 position. I pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and began to lick her shaven pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck that feels soooooooooo good" Nicole moaned I attacked her clit and pussy hole with my tongue while we both were in cloud nine. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" Nicole shouted I squeezed her ass as we both came on each other's faces at the same.

Nicole turned to me as she tasted herself on my mouth.

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If God isn't capable to raise his voice to the appropriate level, we are back to "2) God is impotent and is unable to convince me".


Biggest problem right now is debt. I'm making progress clearing it out, but it's so damn slow. Never F--ing again will I borrow money. It's too painful.


The diet starts first thing in the morning, or maybe Saturday, C/mon gimme a break I am gonna do it.


Before the alleged collusion with Russia, there were questions about Donald Trump?s finances.


Tell me how obtaining economic security in exchange for being a maid servant is worse than being a prostitute.


See ya ????????? Peace in da Middle East.


A udl, I think


You don't believe. Some people do. It is called freedom of faith.


For this to be equivalent, every single church of every single religion in every single community in the country would have to participate in such things.

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