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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"Soooo, you really are dumb?"

She was not wearing a thong bikini but her bottoms seemed to ride up, giving a great view of her ass.

She is skinny but not grossly thin. I had some interest in her, but that might have nakrd been a physical attraction, as I had attended an all-boys high nakedd for 4 years and had limited contact. I do think she had an actual attraction to me, not just physical, but she never showed that many clear signs.

The day when Nicole came over was great. Caitlin and Nicole were tanning up by the pool while I was coming out to jump in the pool.

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Oh my Mr. Big Bad Wolf...what sharp teefs you have!!


That picture would be more believable if Trump was holding the Russian Flag.


Just so you know, I will.

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