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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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"Biology as a science didn't exist before Watson and Crick published their observation of the DNA structure. And Crick was a physicist working with the X-ray structure analysis."

She quickly licked the length of my shaft as we both lied on the bed.

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The last Saturday was immediately topped as the best day of my life when Nicole answered the door wearing matching hot pink bra and panties, presumably from Victoria's Secret.

"Hey there big guy. Why don't you come in here and, like I said, let's finish what we started. " Nicole said with a seductive look. I didn't need no further convincing as I nearly leapt at her, shutting the door, and carrying her to her room.

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yes and don't forget, the picture was taken short AFTER plastic surgery ! ?? Oh, and I just decided I will start to play chess again, thanks for the inspiration ????


As was your claim that my reply to your question was unclear or incomplete. Or are you so full of yourself that because I did not start my reply with "My dispute is--" as one would in a formal setting, but instead just replied with my answer as I would in conversation, you feel you can dismiss it without reply?


Gowdy wants to keep his head down while this administration is in power. and even if he did, he's probably less personally loyal to Trump than Sessions.

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