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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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"okay thanks sweetie"

Now Nicole is very attractive. She is pretty short, about 5 foot 2, and very nice looking.

This including playing pool basketball with my brother and my sister mostly tanning. One weekend specifically my sister's friend Nicole came over to hang by the pool. Now Nicole is very attractive.

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The comparison is not between "prostitute" and "maid servant", but between being paid for sex or just raped. Sugarcoating slavery doesn't change its nature.


When you look at the article, It was not a refusal to sell the individual a cake. He refused to MAKE a cake that was special for the occasion. I have to agree with miguel and SnackTheoryConfidential. If Hitler wanted a cake made to celebrate the success of his genocidal gas chambers, I hope I would say no. If someone wanted to celebrate the murder of my family I would say no. If a lawyer wanted me to make a cake to celebrate my best friend being thrown to the lions or burned at the stake, it would not be unconstitutional to say NO! I would be a spineless, worthless hypocrite if I did it. This issue has its parallel in Daniel chapter 6 where the prophet Daniel was arrested for practicing his faith. That case was a setup as this one seems to be.


That is sound advice -right there.


If I can't perceive it, I can't envision it in any way, shape or form.You seem to enjoy making claims you can not back up and stating them as facts.


Still waiting for your telling us about the Roman technological inventions and scientific discoveries.


Indeed. As with anything, exemptions to a rule must exist to prevent those who would seek the extreme.


Another misogynist rears his ugly head. Get them back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant with a bunch of snotty nosed kids around her skirts.


Your grasp of English is not an issue here. It is your skill at utilizing it. As your opponent has stated before: Use full words. This isn't a tweety-twit.

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