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Sunday, June 17, 2018

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"Seems you only read the words in your Bible that you want to. Are you saying that talking snakes and asses are lies? God will smack you down for that."

On the way, I couldn't keep my hands off her ass as we made out and she started undressing me. Different from how we started the previous weekend, I started by removing Nicole's lingerie and sucked on her nipples.

I lined positlon my cock with her tiny hole and I buried my shaft in Nicole, resulting in an instant mini-orgasm experienced by Nicole. We stayed in that position for at least another minute as we recovered by the multitude of feeling that passed through our body from that one penetration.

I then began to quickly pump myself in and out of her extremely tight pussy. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

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How is an act of murder supposed to cheer me up? You must think I hate homosexuals. I do not. I oppose their lifestyle as corruptive to society, especially children. I hate the fact that schools are promoting it as a viable lifestyle and tempting children into that way (yes, it is a choice). I am for all children's right to live, even in the womb. How about you?


Me, too, friend. Me, too.


LOLOL!!! I don't have one but I still like it...


My sister loves Anime. I watched some. I like Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ranma 1/2


I don't want to hear today that others do it too. Yes it happens elsewhere. But when people know it is happening and cover it up they are complicit. The priests that did this are sick. They need help and jail. Those that covered it up are worse. They heard the cries of little children and did nothing.


You, sir, are blocked. I have no time for idiots.


He would just reply again that that is within species.

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