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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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"Was way ahead of you on that, friend! ??"

When I was swimming, Nicole decided to switch from tanning on her back in a chair to on her stomach on a towel on the pool deck.

American Taboo - Molly Jane - Family Therapy

I resorted to video games as the time quickly passed and Nicole texted me to head over. I told my parents I was heading over to a buddie's house and Raidcal be spending the night there.

"Don't drink and drive" is all my parents said as I headed out the door in quite the hurry.

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You opinion ... and you are entitled to it. However, try to work a little on the metaphors. Godspeed.


Any real evidence would have been headline news on CNN for 3 days.


I have no idea who usus is, but I am quite serious. None are so blind as those who refuse to see.


No, some told somebody else that they had heard from a guy in the bar that he had heard of a dead man walking. Paul was not a first hand witness.


AMI used their money to buy and kill the story, at Trumps behest. Cohen used his, at Trumps behest. Both with the intent of influencing the election. Those are campaign finance violations--criminal violations, not simple civil violations like late filings...there was an effort to obscure the act. Even if he reimbursed. If he used his own money, it wouldn't be a violation.


It's a shame he won't honor this family's wishes by leaving their child's murder out of his speeches. They don't want her being politicized, especially not by him, given her beliefs.


That....actually makes more sense than I'd like to admit...


Hi GO how are ya?


IRONICALLY it happened at Chicago Pizza!!! Chicago so bad, that even places with Chicago in their name have shootings!

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