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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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"Sure. I, for one, am happy polio's near eradication thanks to the vaccine."

The week did eventually wind down and when I got home Friday at around 5, I was nearly losing my mind. I didn't want to jerk off so I could save for Nicole.

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The last Saturday was immediately topped as the best day of my life when Nicole answered the door wearing matching hot pink bra and panties, presumably from Victoria's Secret. "Hey there big guy. Why don't you come in here and, like I said, let's finish what we started.

" Nicole said with a seductive look. I didn't need no further convincing as I nearly leapt at her, shutting the door, and carrying her to her room. On the way, I couldn't keep my hands off her ass as we made out and she started undressing me.

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A meaningless ritual perpetrated upon the people in the pews by the hierarchy to control them and keep them away from being made one with God, Who is the Spirit of the Life of Christ Jesus.


"At what age do you think children should be introduced to the discussion of political and religious viewpoints?"


"Think the Catholic Church has a problem?" she said. "The physical sexual

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