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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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I finished cleaning up and I went upstairs to go change in my room.

An explosion is the best way to describe Nicole's reaction as she screamed in ecstasy. She came hard as she squirted on my face, followed by Nicole's body shaking and her gasping for air.

"Oh my god. I have never squirted before.

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Not your call, sorry. but I'm more worried that folks like you are going to start killing people. However, who is looking for the tens of thousands of OTHER missing kids in America?


figure out where i'm going. i'm atrocious with directions. i will get lost at a new job for the first couple weeks. LOL


I pick dare


It says in the bible how some people may worship God's creation rather than the Creator. It almost like someone give credit to a car rather to the man who made the car. A thing does not have a purpose because it does not have a soul or mind or life. Things or objects only exist because it were made by it Maker. The purpose of making anything come from the Maker of the object or objects, and not from the objects that were made or Created. It is clear from the bible why the universe and all the objects in the universe were made. The bible says Jesus Christ is a King. The top King over all kings. A king has a empire to rule over. Jesus Christ has the largest empire of all. Jesus Christ's empire is the entire universe and all the stars, moons planets, galaxies, all life and all that are contain in the entire universe. The writer talked about a family. Well all people who are saved in Christ will live forever in heaven. They along with the angels and others and the saved from the earth will be apart of God's family. The family of God will travel and see all the small and large objects within God's vast unending EMPIRE. The way we can see this. A farmer has a house that him and his family live in. But his house rest upon his land. His land expands for many thousand of miles. The same with God the Father. God the Father and His family will live forever in heaven and the new earth to come. But the new earth and the heaven are connected to His universe and His vast empire.

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