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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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"Sure it is. If Hell is so critical to the Christendom's faith then ask yourself how come it didn't make it to the top 10 "Shall Not's". Surely going to Hell the way Christendom teaches it should've made number 1. Why didn't God mentioned it in the garden of Eden when he was handing out the punishments? How about when Abel killed Cain or when Moses killed the Pharaoh? Did go tell Cain to go to hell or did he go on and built a city and named it after his own Son. Where's the Hell doctrine there.? Where was it mention when they all left Egypt? Sodom and Gomorrah weren't told about it because surely they'd be going there one would think. What about all the letters that Paul wrote, not a word, Paul never mentioned it. Is God telling a lie or is it man that's telling the lie about this word and it's translation from its original?"

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While doing the ice bucket challenge in just a bikini?


Something to do with psychology, just as what you posted last week had something to do with physics. And you ask me how much I really know?


When was due process avoided?


Im worse than you think!


Yeah, I know what you mean! Next time you need to take him with you...


Thanks for posting. I've enjoyed your very thoughtful posts in the few weeks I've been on this forum and I have learned from them. This is the last thread I'll be posting on. Good bye and take good care.


"Once again, these people have failed to meet the standards


BTW, all of this is publicly available. Willful ignorance is no longer acceptable in the google age.

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