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Sunday, August 5, 2018

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"Actually, it is your own attempt to disqualify and invalidate the material in my comment that involves "equivocation.""

"Ugh, Kevin. Stop being so gross to my friends" Caitlin shouted back.

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So you have great food pretty regularly?


If prayer worked, all theists would be healthy, rich and happy.


Sorry. It was intended for fun.


Hey what up Dittodog.


Okay... but if the transition from non-human to human was indistinct, and knowledge of death already existed... then Adam wasn't a human?


Nah there is not a cop in Australia with a sense of humour, that would allow that on the road, I mean Nah......


Talk a walk .most of the time, but I'm very hard to anger now getting upset is s whole different ball game


Def team to beat,i don't like 'em,but respect their football.They set the standard with ball movement,skill&pressure.


it's Monday But busy monday ...................... :(


I pick dare

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