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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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"Agree with Shannon S. Nothing but knee-jerk disagreements, repeating the same comment over and over, and ignoring what you ask for."

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In today?s polarized political atmosphere despite scandal after scandal republicans are still overwhelmingly pro-Trump. he enjoys a 90% republican approval rating. Senators would not risk political sucide to go against their republican voters will. It is highly unlikely anything mueller has anything substantial enough to sway their opinion and thus turn republican senators against him.


Blood transfusions save the lives of people every day around the world. For whatever idiotic reason, Jehovah's Witnesses would rather kill themselves than be saved by a proven medical technique.


I?d rather be swatted than live another day with this guy


I'm flat average or below at almost everything , not good at anything in particular so there's a lot of such things that others are able to do better than me


People misunderstand it yo this day, the original language literally translated is that one must "gnaw on the flesh of the Son of man"... This being a metaphor would make it easy to believe, but people said it was hard to believe (Jn 6:60) and He didn't correct them, he didn't even offer parables like he did for an abundance of his teachings, just not this one.


For that to work, each individual church would need to sever ties to the Vatican, open all of its records to the public, and so forth. I don't have any hope of this happening. I think that even though it isn't ideal for people who have relied on the church, it may be necessary to disband entirely, to give all church property over to secular organizations, make them community spaces, governed by citizens. What if every catholic church was turned into residential and medical facilities for the homeless?


Why not? i have no ulterior motive other than to see you expand your horizon. Also, don't believe me, believe Jesus.:)


Do not need to nothing is one of those things without physical properties you did not respond to earlier.


It must be the new lingo, I?m surprised I haven?t heard it yet. Normally I?m pretty up to date on that, jive turkey. ;)


your entire argument relies on not taking a position. endless questions are not a position. the theory of evolution is defended by many brilliant men, but there is no proof of it. take a position and win or lose. right now by not offering an alternative you lose by default.

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