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Monday, June 18, 2018

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"In retrospect, maybe.  Had Obama kicked we would have had to put up with Biden."

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I give books away, though I never, ever lend them, nor borrow them. This has resulted in a great many books, in boxes, bookcases, piles on the floor. I've read the Koran, twice. Once, at the behest of a Muslim pal of mine, who gave me the book. Then after the Jyllands Posten, Charlie Hebdo attacks. That (different) copy was the only book I have destroyed. Day by day, read, wipe, flush.


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lol pretty certain more patriotic Americans have morals and common sense - that would mean they align on the right :) hence whey we voted in TRUMP!


Then the media has been doing a great job of lying and getting major corporations to go along with the lies.


Could you provide the source of that study? It sounds rather interesting.


What doctrine or part of scripture were they using to justify their actions? What Christian denomination did they come from?


yep, credit where it's due, bucko!


God will make hills not look from space like giant boobs?


Well it damn sure did not happen ever or at all while Obama was president...


Granted, all of this thought depends on a lot of stuff falling together. The disaster that Trump has become is pretty much a given, except for his sold-out base that won't believe anything. But the Democrats had better prepare themselves to bring their "A" game both this year and in 2020. So far, I'm not that enthusiastic every time I hear news that Nancy Pelosi is posturing to "take charge" again. If they treat this as business as usual? Then they lose again and we independents will lose what little goodwill we are trying to hold for them. Either way? The next two elections are critical bell weathers for the future of our union.

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