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Friday, May 11, 2018

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"The ex trans, who had his manly bits cut off, now regrets it, and speaks out to help others in the same situation. But he gets called a hater and attacked by the LGBT community, which is very narrow minded of them."

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The deep state put him there 30 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your God's a projection of the human psyche.


"Ewe Asked For It"?


Yeah, sort of. ??


Yes I feel better


I think the people who assault other are responsible, but I don't think sociopaths are born, I think they are made. I work in public education and I don't think I could bear to go to work if I thought that children's destinies were a foregone conclusion no matter what happens to them in life. How sad is that?


More right wing propaganda lies.


What was the scandal about? Why did the homosexual community charged him in court?


I think it varies from Christian to Christian. A lot of modern Christians can admit that Adam and Eve could be symbolic. A lot of them just try not to think of the inconsistencies.

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