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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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"Then you have missed out."

"Hey Kev ;) I'm working this whole week, sadly. How about you come over when I get done with work Friday night around 8.

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It was without a doubt the best feeling I have ever had. "Oooooh my gooood. Where did you fucking learn that. That feels so good" I managed to say between moans "Just from watching porn baby" Nicole bobbed up and down on my dick and I already felt like I was going to explode.

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How many people get raped and fall pregnant please supply me with a link thanks in advance xxxxx


If you think Jesus is at all fictional, then we might as well throw out history. All of it. In fact, If Jesus didn't exist, then I would be willing to claim that nothing existed before I was born. Hell, I could claim everything before 5 minutes ago was just false memories uploaded to my brain by the matrix.


I didn't vote for him, and wouldn't in 2020 should he still run. you are asking the wrong person. But at least I can see a double standard when it exists.


I will buy him a ticket if it would shut him up.


Is that your explanation for the bible?


You can just stopnright there cause? that is da sheet! I?m Brad Pitt ??????


Epicharmus: "It is not the eye that sees, but the mind: it is not the ear that hears, but the mind: all things except mind are blind and deaf. "But though God is one," it was said, "He has many names, deriving a name from each of the spheres of His government He is called the Son of Kronos, that is of Time, because He continues from eternity to eternity; and Lightning-God, and Thunder-God, and Rain-God, from the lightnings and thunders and rains ; and Fruit-God, from the fruits (which he sends) ; and City-God, from the cities (which he protects); and the God of births, and homesteads, and kinsmen, and families, of companions, and friends, and armies God, in short, of heaven and earth, named after all forms of nature and events as being Himself the cause of all. (Pseudo-Arist. de mundo, 7, p. 401 a)


You don't get either atheism or agnosticism.


They have two very different definitions.

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