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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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"Oh my. And now the joyful man is angry and swearing."

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And what right does religion have interfering with or attempting to dictate scientific research?


I don't! That's why l'm only going for 2 weeks!


Many, many years ago, I learned that forgiveness was about ME, not "them". It was about letting go of the anger, that had zero effect on "them", and negative effects on me. I am a firm believer in forgiveness, because that allows a person to put the offender in the garbage, and move on. I was talking to my son about anger and forgiveness at the time, but the real lesson was for me.


Why do you say "both sides"? The number of "sides" is practically unlimited. What is clear, however, is that most religious people believe into adulthood whatever was hammered into them as children, and few people who are raised without any religion suddenly adopt one when they become adults, confirming my "brainwashing" point.


"Jesus was God and 100% Holy. No human life on earth. No wife no child no house no job and no money. That is God." ?


So you believe.


LOL i remember when i was like 11 i would go to a convenience store there was a elderly man that worked there everyday seems like . sometimes i would go there with a friend of mine like ride our bikes or walk there , one time when i was there with my friend the old man told my friend " katie is my girlfriend " LOL anyways he drove a old small dodge omni like this i remember


Wal-Mart performed a horrible PR move by making this horrible decision. They opened themselves up to this and now they have to deal with the hole they dug. The reason the family is referencing a baker is because the baker refused to accommodate someone who was a protected class. What Wal-Mart did by mandating that you have to be 21 to purchase a rifle is the exact same thing. The business did not believe in providing a service/sale to someone between a specific age, and age is a protected class just as LGBT are.


Never takin greyhound again...


Woof me hard!! xD

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