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Thursday, May 31, 2018

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"""Female Hebrews could be sold by their fathers and enslaved for life (Exodus 21:7-11), but there were some limits to this.""

My daringness also grew as I took a lick at her puckered asshole.

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I had some interest in her, but that might have only been a physical attraction, as I had attended an all-boys high school for 4 years and had limited contact.

I do think she had an actual attraction to me, not just physical, but she never showed that many clear signs. The day when Nicole came over was great. Caitlin and Nicole were tanning up by the pool while I was coming out to jump in the pool. Youpofn was wearing a one-piece bathing suit and Nicole had on a bikini that showed domlnation lot of skin.

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"selling your daughter as a slave did not equate to selling her as a prostitute"


You know what? I'm done wasting time with your generalizations. If you post them, I'll be deleting them.


I like some vintage cars. O?


But I can prove the existence of honey.


But mah Jesus!!!


Wow, good catch. Maybe C-Eye-A?


Okay. Though I do object to your assertion that we are required to hate folk who are different. Nothing could be further from the truth, though there are a fairly vocal subgroup who choose to do so. There are those of us who speak out against that, but we are largely unheard. Not least of which is because it sells so much better to give air time to the haters.


You are the one that brought it up.


Many Republicans have disavowed their like and support of the Bushes. Voted for him.


Why? Inflation is eating away at meager wage growth. The stock market recovery is due to Obama. Trump had nothing to do with it.

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