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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"Welcome comrade. Who were you yesterday?"

Caitlin and Nicole were tanning up by the pool while I was coming out to jump in the pool.

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It was not long until I heard Nicole begin to have short breaths and see her toes and fingers Bisfxual up. An explosion is the best way to describe Nicole's reaction as she screamed in ecstasy.

She came hard as she squirted on my face, followed by Nicole's body shaking and her gasping for air. "Oh my god. I have never squirted before.

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Not really. I'm not saying they're not true Muslims.


lol says Cohen and his lawyer....a far cry from any legal issues.


I'd heard it was good, and it showed up on one of my video channels, for the first time, and I was grabbed by it being directed by Robert Redford, and the cast was impressive. I usually choose movies by directors, writers, or casting.


Can you give us a count of the number of AIDS cases that have occurred because "The Church" has actively fought against condom distribution? How about the number of AIDS babies born because of their stance?


My story as a Christian.


I love my mama!!

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