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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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""Ask an ordained priest" Could you recommend a more biased source? This is why you are so confused, you conflate what the church tells you with truth. There is no reason to, but your own faith, and faith is believing in something without evidence."

I knew I could not last much longer as my dick began to swell.

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I think you are delusional, because you have repeatedly proven that you are. Show me where I have called transgender people delusional as a group. And I support equal rights for all, and you are once again delusional if you think you can show otherwise from my own words. Things I've actually said. Not things the voice in your head claimed I said.


Here - contact them, won't you? And let them know of the mountainous evidence you have on Hillary:


The link doesn't work. I also don't pay for the NY Times, they're racist.

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