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Monday, August 27, 2018

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"Thanks buddy.. enjoy your sat night"

Again, I tried holding out as long as possible without cumming down her throat.

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Epicurus: A man who thinks and works does more miracles, than thousands who pray to non-existent "gods


But surely something able to create such a complex system would have to be complex enough to warrant it's own creator, then, if we're basing the likelyhood of creation on that?


Damn. Thought she was like you. Oh well. :-)


Been a Christian since the age of 15. I am now 62. Yes its our plumbline, all that we hear must be tested though his word. If it contradicts the word then we can discard it.


I don't waste my time with TV news.


I do prefer tea:-)


Yes and No.


I don?t even know why you?re even taking bout this muffin. You swore to God, friends, family that you would give yourself to your man. That?s marriage. That?s why I?m like F? all that ??????


I am also a woman, that has live all over the country and has traveled all over the world. I have observed the differences in culture here within our own country and abroad and that experience has taught me that my behavior has a huge influence on how people treat me. Because I don't degrade myself by going around dressed like a whore, people treat me with respect, both men and women. How you dress and how you behave dictates how people will treat you. I cannot imagine how this phenomenon has escaped your notice. You want to make this issue a clear case of right and wrong and foist all responsibility on me, but that is pretty naive. Do a little cultural experiment this week, dress and behave differently and see if those things don't change how you are perceived and treated, then tell me I am wrong.


So many mindless defenders of Trump populate these threads that such assumptions are not great leaps.

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