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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"Get real: Heather would still be dead. They did not see him coming until it was too late. Even the Feds did not get Bonnie and Clyde except by laying in wait. Truth is, even with training, guns are piss-poor defense weapons. Think about Maurice Clemmons and the FOUR armed police officers he killed in cold blood. Guns are mainly offensive weapons and only very occasionally defensive ones when somebody manages to get the drop on an assailant."

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another trumpanzee distraction, how clever, how sad.


You need to quit. I ain?t no playa. I?m just single??????


Trump is doing the same shyt now, that he promised 3 years ago.


Which comments annette?


Trump is already as revolting as it gets.


My my, you really are keen on switching the topic here, are you?


It's a word play so you were not wrong ??


Oh cool! ????????????


Let's wait until all of the indictments have been filed before we make uniformed conclusions. Just a suggestion.


And socialism just creates just have nots. LOL!

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