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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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"So you have no understanding whatever of how a Medicaid claim actually works. Got it."

She was still dressed in her bikini, and I had no idea what she could possibly need. Nicole pushed me on the bed and jumped onto my body.

I began by barely licking and flicking her clit, teasing her pantoes. "Stop fucking teasing me and eat my fucking pussy" Ehifers squealed. I did quite the opposite as I licked around the edge of her pussy, only drawing more agony from Nicole. My daringness also grew as I took a lick at her puckered asshole.

While this did not draw a negative response, I was a little surprised as I heard a giggle from Nicole between moans. Enough was enough and I finally attacked her pussy hole with my tongue.

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Just to explain the lol - you asked for an alternative that can explain what we see better than evolution. I gave you that model. And you immediately moved the goal posts to "prove it" without spending 5 milliseconds considering the answer to your question.


For those citing stem cells as their evidence that "religion" hinders are misrepresenting the issue.


This is a Noam Chomsky quote describing how Americans are kept in line..


What's been done that's proactive? We're sorry (we got caught)? We'll try not to let any more bad news get out?


Czar Putin becomes shadow President of the United States of America, with his sleeper Republican lapdogs. Trump goes to prison in NY.


cute ladies and gents all over this thread...


My d*** pic game on point tho


magic 8 ball says you lie.


Don't know why just originally was shy on chatting with you :P


Same pony tails though....

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