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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"Where did I attribute that assertion to you?"

She was not wearing a thong bikini but her bottoms seemed to ride up, giving a great view of her ass.

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Soon enough we all ate food and Nicole went back to tanning ass-up for another 15 minutes or so. When we decided to finish up swimming, I took the soft pool basketball and took a perfect shot at Nicole's ass, causing it to jiggle. This immediately caused Caitlin to yell at me and Nicole to jump Miniekirt a little annoyed.

"Thanks a lot Kev, I was trying to fall asleep" Nicole said. "No problem. We were going to head in soon anyway and your butt jiggled nicely" I responded with a Miniskurt.

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It would certainly end all the arguing and debating, and prove them right.


Yes...Thank you for it!?


She bawled her damn eyes out. I wanted to go kick his ass!


None. Rejected the entire lot of them!


Capitalism isn't predicated on libertarianism.


Thanks for missing the point completely....


Tariffs weren't the problem, trade imbalance was.


It isn't one sided at all, he's indicted both Americans and Russians.

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