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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"No, I can safely say that I have never taken a privately licensed piece of music and used it in a commercial or self-promotional context."

This immediately caused Caitlin to yell at me and Nicole to jump up a little annoyed. "Thanks a lot Kev, I was trying to fall asleep" Nicole said.

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That was the greatest orgasm I have ever had" Nicole said to me. "Now how would you like to the return the favor baby" I asked Nicole as I climbed onto the bed.

My dick felt cyaracters it was going to fall off when Nicole pulled down my shorts, released my cock, and licked her lips at the sight of it. She quickly licked the length of my shaft as we both lied on the bed.

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Dozens of indictments = nothing on tRUmp.


No I meant it's cool ..I I'm into stuff like that since it is a big part of what I do. If I ever have questions I can ask you lol


No, it does not describe hell in the manner in which you are claiming. First of all, the dead are "conscious of nothing" according to the Bible (Ecclesiastes 9:5). That in itself proves your interpretation completely wrong, as a person would have to have consciousness in order to feel and recognize pain.


Oh, and I love Trump!! Along with 70+ million other Americans!!!

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