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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"Have you ever seen a Hillman Husky station wagon, I had one, dont look unless you want a laugh..."

We made out as she grinded her body over my chest.

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The summer started with a lot photo hanging out by the pool with my family. This including playing pool basketball with my brother and my sister mostly tanning.

One weekend specifically my sister's friend Nicole came over to hang by the pool. Now Nicole is very attractive.

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Football is a republican sport... What!? What're you talkin about bro?


Tell that to the Christians who want me dead. That is not protected under the 1st Amendment.


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The couple that lost did not lose. Their case decided by the SCOTUS because the Commission showed bias in its ruling. The SCOTUS reaffirmed that the states could legally prevent the discrimination of groups including the LGBT group.


I guess we know what some of those people spent their tax cut on.


How many Democrats have fathered children with multiple women while married to someone else and then paid them to stay quiet? If you can't name them and provide verifiable fact then this is just more of your bullshit.

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