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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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"No. I believe you have a perversion. That isn?t nothing"

I forgot a fucking. " "Don't worry Kev, I'm on the pill.

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"I've been wanting to do this for 2 years" Nicole said seductively She planted a wet kiss on my lips and I did not fight back. We made out as she grinded her body over my chest.

I felt her boobs and nipples rub hard on my body. "We don't have that much time to do this before Caitlin comes back inside" she whispered in my ear.

Nicole slid down my body and pulled down my bathing suit, releasing my rock solid cock.

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No he won't. It's too small. He'll miss, stumble, fall flat on his face, and be known forever more as Little Stumble Bum Trump.


Hey girl what?s up?


The White House has made it quite clear that that one way or another, the "witch hunt" will be concluded in September.


Lucky I brought plenty of popcorn to such a discussion ??


I don't know about this particular conference, but they typically don't allow any loaded weapons in the venue.


Does prayer work? No.

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