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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"It'd be more of a statement and more effective if no one showed up. Bad ideas proliferate when oppressed."

"Oh shit.

Nicole moaned as I began to move down her body, kissing every inch of her. Finally, I got down to her smooth, sweet pussy. I began by barely licking and flicking her clit, teasing her immensely. "Stop fucking teasing me and eat my fucking pussy" Nicole squealed.

I did quite the opposite as I licked around the edge of her pussy, only drawing more agony from Nicole.

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Plick, I see from that, that you are calling Spanner grandpa. I didn't know he was that old but you have met him...


fine by me.


That's good. I'm close with my sisters too


Head over to ABC. I believe they have just the censorship you're looking for.


Hot Springs is a bit of a trip for me.. did you ever go digging in the Diamond Mine !

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