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Monday, March 26, 2018

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"Lol wishful thinking all the way."

"Hey Kev, is Caitlin still outside?" "Yeah, I think she's tanning for about 15 minutes more. Why?" "Are your parents or objecct here?" "No, they're at my brother's baseball game.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" Nicole shouted I squeezed her ass as we both came on each other's faces at the same. Nicole turned to me as she tasted herself on my mouth. "You are so sexy baby" I said to her as we made out, feeling each other on the bed. "Hey Ibject.

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A couple of dollars here and there on billions of "off-shored" money is indeed a return.


Well at least I?m glad your seeing it now that government regulations drive prices upwards!


I believe you are quite ignorant of the impeachment process. Do you even know what impeachment entails or how it is initiated? Do you also know that even conviction by a majority of 2/3rds of the Senate does not remove anyone from office? I didn't think so.


That's quite a lot of guessing you're doing, over there.

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