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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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"You don't consider guilty pleas, convictions, indictments and several individuals being granted immunity as "data & facts?" HAH!"

Amazingly, it seemed as if Nicole's blowjob skills had multiplied since our last meeting. Again, I tried holding out as long as possible without cumming down her throat.

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" The text read as both my mind melted and my dick hardened. That next week could not have gone any slower, especially since it was a slow week at my job at the local convenience store. It may not have been that quiet, but it felt dead as I could not wait to feast my eyes on that sexy body of Nicole again.

The week did eventually wind down and when I got home Friday at around 5, I was nearly losing my mind. I didn't want to jerk off so I could save for Nicole. I resorted to video games as the time quickly passed and Nicole texted me to head over.

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I'm well aware of that particular "thin line." But it's pretty obvious that there tends to be a pattern in certain circumstances. Should any question regarding that automatically get shunted over to your Duck's Den? Essentially I'm asking why there appears to be two sets of "rules" in some of the comment threads here. And I think it's a pertinent question when I read some of the insults that "make it" versus those that are told "no."


Considering Obama did plenty despite the GOP working tirelessly to ensure Obama wasn't able to do anything, what is your concern?


I save the I love yas for my wife but I really like ya.


Senate report: No evidence that Russians changed vote tallies in 2016


I have written on this a great deal over the past few weeks. Do not feel like going through it all again. My profile is not private. So, if you would like more detail, peruse the more lengthy posts.


What DO you know ? o_O


I believe you...I had a few road trips back to college like that. Lol. ??


Only if I ever represented that I was able to back up my claim. Which neither Johan or I did.


Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin, Mao, ... were all overtly atheist and promoted an ideology based on defining human beings as material beings, specifically rejecting all things spiritual or religious or relating to "God" or the Bible. I do not disagree with you that they took that atheist position mostly for convenience because they had a big problem with respect to their plans for violent revolution and the seizing of power, the teachings of Christ and St. Paul that specifically admonished the folks to support the government, to remain peaceful, to not engage in violent revolution. To perhaps do what Martin Luther King Jr. did, bring about change through non-vilent protest. Marx, Lenin..., for their plans, had to get rid of Christianity. Philosophically it was in the way.


They don't answer me.

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