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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"Yes, yes, it was servitude. That doesn't explain why you could beat your slave to within an inch of his life, why you could take slaves from neighboring nations, take virgin girls as slaves from conquered cities, passed these lifelong slaves to your children when you were done with them..."

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Better for me, I thought, as I could look at Nicole without being annoyed erotca Caitlin. I was putting away the food from lunch when Nicole went upstairs to Caitlin's room to change.

I finished cleaning up and I went upstairs to go change in my room. As I passed Caitlin's room, I heard Nicole call out to me.

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Call in backup to the backup ??


Once again, delusional rantings. Nuclear war in the Bible? Come on. I know you are supposing that and predicting a nuclear war now is not that hard to imagine, but your god should have if that is true. So you screw up your own prediction because the bible doesn't mention it. Some book of mythology huh?


1). America ceased being a sovereign nation in the 1930's. 2). When 1 happened the Constitution was made null and void. 3). Trump is POTUS whether anyone likes it or not. Thank God Hillary didn't win.


Depends of what you call deity. Explain it to avoid deflection.


that's why I made the bet but every so often, I can be wrong

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