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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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"How about commenting on what is known? Wild speculation makes for an interesting story but is nothing but speculation"

She came hard as she squirted on my face, followed by Nicole's body shaking and her gasping for air.

Nicole laid on her back with her feet next to her head as I prepared to enter her pussy. I lined up my cock with her tiny hole and I buried my shaft in Nicole, resulting in an instant mini-orgasm experienced by Nicole.

We stayed in that position for at least another minute as we recovered by the multitude of feeling that passed through our Sgaved from that one penetration.

I then began to quickly pump myself in and out of her extremely tight pussy.

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If you find yourself incoherent then see a doctor.


McCain started the feud with Trump. He just brought a knife to a gun fight, which is strange for such a life long warmonger and defense industry shill. Trump should honor his wishes, and continue to ignore.


There have been plenty of homophobic presidents before him.


I have a good job that doesn?t feel the need to micromanage my every move so if I find the desire to use my phone or go to the bathroom I?m permitted to do so, without having to ask permission.


If you ask my friends that I've know for 35-40 years if I've changed they would most emphatically say, "NOPE". Still the same person. I don't put on "airs". I don't brag or exaggerate. I'm actually a very private person. No need to try to be somebody you're not. What purpose does that serve. YOU know it's not true and it doesn't take long for those around you to figure you out.


another misogyny burger with idiocy on the side.


That is science and I have not even suggested science is a religion.


It's kind of freaky that Tyler is only 2 years younger than Trump.


No. You tell it.


ye I will

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