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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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"Not much more bad either. Looking just at north America and Europe, people are better educated, wealthier, healthier, likely to live longer. The young and not so young people I know are all hard working, polite, caring and are creating a better society than that I remember in my youth."

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She was not wearing a thong bikini but her bottoms seemed to ride up, giving a great view of her ass. When I was swimming, Nicole decided to switch from tanning on her back in a chair to on her stomach on a towel on the pool deck. I then got out of the pool to eat lunch, while I was really catching a good look at her ass.

Soon enough we all ate food and Nicole went back to tanning ass-up for another 15 minutes or so. When we decided to finish up swimming, I took the soft pool basketball and took a perfect shot at Nicole's ass, causing it to jiggle. This immediately caused Caitlin to yell at me and Nicole to jump up a little annoyed.

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Common sense and reality shows it to be true.


"What would it take to convince you that the Bible is full of errors and contradictions?"


Lol....you cray cray boo!!


Of course my Goddess of Asgard


Are you claiming humans are the only animals that are aware of death?


That is giving license for people to blame their behavior on others. A cop out.


It isn't necessarily libel, if he believed it was a hoax.

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