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Monday, April 2, 2018

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"Thank you for your service. You gave all for your country. RIP"

I do think she had an actual attraction to me, not just physical, but she never showed that many clear signs.


"Hey there big guy. Why don't you come in here and, like I said, let's finish what we started. " Nicole said with a seductive look. I didn't need no further convincing as I nearly leapt at her, shutting the door, and carrying her to her room.

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I tried to explain that the cause-effect paradigm is far from being linear and single-cause-based. As Aisukh correctly pointed out, bread is not the cause of mice, though they may appear when bread is left on the floor.


Ain?t it a b1tch?


Mr Pecker is where he is at in all of this due to his own behavior. Using materials he collects from tipsters to force famous people onto the cover of his magazine to sell copies would be rather illegal if you ask me. That's blackmail. He deliberately collects then hides these one sell copies of stories in exchange from agreements by the rich and famous to appear numerous times on his front cover selling way more magazines then a one time fling will sell.


I just struggle to function sometimes, dear :p


Ah right. In your world a well reasoned argument becomes spam. Edit ....Now I see that his post is an exact copy of one posted earlier by another poster so he is spamming.

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