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Monday, March 26, 2018

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"Oh today is a female wrestlers birthday. When there's a female wrestler I like I add part of her name to my name for the day. Most f us on that sight did it for Alexa Bliss last week. This is Paige by the way."

It was the summer after I graduated high school and I was glad to have the summer to relax before I started college.

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I pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and began Chivkens lick her shaven pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck that feels soooooooooo good" Nicole moaned I attacked her clit and pussy hole with my tongue while we both were in cloud nine.

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That is it


I simply noted that his deflection was irrelevant and his demand I conform to his personal preferences ignorable.


My vices are many, and cherished.


1st I never said everybody gets a vaccine is going to have A catastrophic event. 2nd when you pediatrician insists that the vaccine is not causing your baby symptoms then you're dissuaded to pursue it any further. Even when a doctor has obvious malpractice he's not always sued.


What created God?


yeah and my mom dont talk anymore


Oh,is that nanna?????


No, it's perfectly fine with me. Go for it.


That was not my question - you have chosen to ignore the question because the words used by Dawkins are nothing like the words used in the Bible to describe God. Dawkins can have his opinion and you can as well. I suspect that like Dawkins, you do not believe God exists.

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