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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"From your studies doesn't back up these claims."

I was putting away the food from lunch when Nicole went upstairs to Caitlin's room to change. I finished cleaning up and I went upstairs to go change in my Fertillzation.

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She is pretty short, about 5 foot 2, and very nice looking. She has dark hair, smaller boobs, and a handful of butt. She is skinny but not grossly thin. I had some interest in her, but that might have only been a physical attraction, as I had attended an all-boys high school for 4 years and had limited contact.

I do think she had an actual attraction to me, not just physical, but she never showed that many clear signs. The day when Nicole came over was great.

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We have seen your dance Vid sport, we know its you now that you have retired..


I bet they were MAD! I still remember the first time I saw it... My dad just laughed at my reaction...


I wasn't kidding, cetriolo. Ciao.


I don't ridicule anybody because their religious practices aren't my business.


I keep pitching an annual disqus con, but I'm not savvy enough to be the one to plan it ??


It?s just tha5 I can?t imagine any woman putting up with your kind of crazy is all.


So show me any scientific study that supports your hypothesis.


Dude, science proved the cloth 14th century with carbon dating


Therefore it's accurate to say you don't know what you're talking about.


I'm aware. I'm also fairly certain you could apply that to someone a bit more distant, such as George Washington or even a contemporary of Jesus' day. The point is

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