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Sunday, August 5, 2018

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"Some also believe that angels are real."

She was still dressed in her bikini, and I had no idea what she could possibly need.

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"No problem. We were going to hfartbeat in soon anyway and your butt jiggled nicely" I responded with a wink. "Ugh, Kevin. Stop being so gross to my friends" Caitlin shouted back.

"No Caitlin, he's right.

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I'm naked in my dream. What's to change?


joshua ;redeemed: "Your threshold is non-existent"


We are not talking about the Clintons I am talking about the policies Trump has put in place.


It seems to have been determined by Hillary's lawyer. Cohen now claims that it was some type of illegal campaign contribution that he was reimbursed for? As the candidate, Trump can spend unlimited amounts of money, Cohen can not.


but you said "science cannot disregard God or any specific ?God?s?"


Jesus, the Son of Man ( a term He uses multiple times to refer to Himself in scriptures) was the spotless lamb. A perfect, sinless man, the second Adam, the "Lord from heaven."


Yeah I don't think we've exhausted the topic either. I'm just pulling back because I need to take a bit of a break in general.


Good vibes your way ma bro ???????????? Kindness from strangers is more comforting than from your own friends and family some times.


Here we go let's try to make the gruesome murder of a young college girl named Mollie political ! The lawyer is a dirt bag defending garbage !

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